Working Alongside Network Pack to Provide the Ultimate Packaging Solution

We recently collaborated with Network Pack, another one of the UK’s leading packaging suppliers, to provide a wholesale customer that also offer third-party re-packing as an added value service, with an improved packaging line. The customer was looking to reduce both labour and material costs, looking for enhanced packaging productivity to help cope with their high demands of packaging needs. First, to improve the companies packaging processes we suggested that they invest in Sealed Air Cryovac shrink film from Network Pack, which allows for less staff members needed to wrap goods and also for less waste, with Sealed Air Cryovac shrink film weighing up to 70% less that regular shrink wrap film. To ensure that the company could get the most out of the Sealed Air Cryovac shrink film we also suggested that they used our Sontex heat shrink tunnel, providing them with a machine demo to ensure that their team knew how to understand the machinery and its many wonderful benefits. Since making the decision to go ahead with our advice and in turn switching to the Sontex heat tunnel and Sealed Air Cryovac shrink film the customer has now noticed that they are now saving a whopping 50% of labour and packaging costs. The machinery bought from us returned on investment within 3 months, and will last for many years to come – future proofing the operation. Here to Help Here at Sontex we are always keen to help our clients ensure that they are benefiting from the most suitable packaging processes, and our team are on hand should anyone require any expert advice and guidance. If anyone wants professional guidance in choosing the most advantageous shrink-wrap machines and films based on their individual needs and requirements, we advise them to get in touch today.