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CS Matic 100 Automatic Side Sealer

CSMatic side sealer

CS Matic 100 Side Sealer

  • Automatic control of the sealing bar height
  • conveyor speed electronically adjustable
  • Single pack/ multi-pack mode
  • Adjustable sealing time down to 0.1 seconds
  • The seal temperature is dual adjustable (for both the transverse blade and the trim seal
  • Faulty packs detection
  • Automatic film scrap wheel with very easy access.
  • Film distribution device and film break detection.
  • PTFE coated transverse sealing bar with an average life span of over 1 million seal cycles!
  • Specially developed heated blade trim sealer unit offers extremely strong seals, virtually maintenance free and without the problems of heated wheel systems
  • Inverter and encoder controlled for precise operation
  • Automatic adjustment of the trim seal
  • Memory for 99 different operating programs with password lock feature
  • Easy film insertion and conveying system
  • Kissing belts/Closing belts for small products
  • Fully interlinked safety guarding
  • CE certified
Model CS100
Sealing Bar 500mm
Max. Product Height 200m
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 2180x1545x1525-1655
Belt Speed Up to 30 metres/min
Power Requirements (Side Sealer) 2 Phase 50 – 60Hz
Pneumatic Requirements 6 – 8 Bar

Mac Due Utility Automatic Sidesealers


Mac Due Utility Automatic Sidesealers

  • For shrink wrapping or bagging products in polythene shrink wrap films
  • Capable of handling product up to 6000mm long
  • Constant heat transverse sealing blade with longitudinal sealing wheels
  • Variable speed infeed and discharge conveyors
  • Siemens plc controls all major functions
  • 3 models available: Utility 50 500mm, Utility 80 800mm and Utility 120 1200mm
    Utility 120 side sealer widely used for bagging building insulation materials in coloured polythene films.
Model Utility 50 Side Sealer Utility 80 Side Sealer Utility 120 Side Sealer
Min. Product Size (LxWxH) 150mm x 80mm x 30mm 150mm x 80mm x 30mm 150mm x 300mm x 50mm
Max. Product Size (LxWxH) 6000mm X 380mm X 300mm 6000mm X 600mm X 370mm 6000mm X 1000mm X 400mm
Power Requirements (Side Sealer) 3 Phase 16 amp 3 Phase 16 amp 3 Phase 16 amp
Power Requirements (Shrink Tunner) 3 Phase 40 amp 3 Phase 50 amp 3 Phase 60 amp
Pneumatic Requirements 6 – 8 Bar 6 – 8 Bar 6 – 8 Bar

Bespoke Range

If the standard range does not satisfy your requirements we have a range of high speed wrappers to satisfy all speeds and product sizes. Please ask us for more information. Contact our machinery sales department on 01274 872299 or