Shrink Wrapping in the Food Industry

Shrink wrapping is a packaging method that is used within a multitude of industries in order to package items in the most effective ways, and one industry in particular that would be lost without shrink wrapping is the food industry.   The food industry is one of the main industries in which wholly depend on shrink wrapping as a packaging method, using shrink wrap machinery to cut costs and make products span further for longer without compromising on quality. Today we are going to be listing just some of the reasons why shrink wrapping is so important when it comes to food products…   Why the food industry relies so heavily on shrink wrapping  
  • Keeping food fresh
Some people believe that shrink wrapping foods such as fruits and vegetables is unnecessary; however shrink wrapping these items is in fact incredibly important when it comes to reducing food wastage.  The shrink films that are used to wrap food products help to stop oxygen reaching products inside the packaging allowing for produce to last much longer. This allows for people to eat the freshest foods possible.
  • Making products look great
Shrink wrapping presents possibly the ultimate packaging method for food items, wrapping food items tightly and protecting them whilst still allowing for consumers to see what is inside. People often like to see the food that they are buying.  This also allows for companies to put important information on their products without compromising viewing.
  • Protecting food items
As earlier mentioned shrink wrapping provides products with a shield against oxygen to allow food products to last longer. However it does not stop there. Shrink wrapping food items also protects them from other contaminations such as dirt and moisture which are otherwise hard to avoid during transportation.
  • Allowing for better food storage
When foods are shrink wrapped, they can be stored more easily. Shrink wrapping is an incredibly compact packaging method and allows for products to be stored whilst taking up as little room as possible. The strong level of protection that shrink wrapping offers allows for cross-contamination issues to be greatly reduced also.
  • An affordable packaging method
Shrink wrapping is incredibly affordable in comparison to other packaging methods, meaning that it can provide a great packaging solution to food companies of all sizes, whether they be small or large. Shrink wrap machinery can be rented and purchased for incredibly low costs, but not only that it can also reduce labour costs as the machinery is easy and efficient to use.   These are only some of the ways in which shrink wrapping helps the food industry too. If you are the owner of a food business and would like to learn how shrink wrapping could help your company grow, do not hesitate to contact our team today. We are here to help you.