Shrink Wrapping: More Common Than You May Think

Many people do not realise how popular shrink wrap packaging is. Shrink wrap packaging comes in a vast range of styles and is used on a daily basis around the world to package millions of different products, however some people upon seeing shrink wrapped products do not even realise that they are shrink wrapped! With this in mind today we are going to be explaining some of the most popular types of shrink wrapping, alongside popular products in which are wrapped using each method. Here goes… Shrink Banding – Commonly made of PVC shrink banding is often used to wrap bottles, providing them with a much needed safety seal to ensure that products cannot be tampered with before they reach consumers. Items that are typically shrink wrapped in this way include but are not limited to liquid medicines, bottled drinks, shampoos and conditions, salad dressings and condiments, laundry detergents, alcohol and cosmetics. Shrink BagsShrink bags, before use, have three closed sides and are only open at the top. Products can then be inserted into these bags and the top can be sealed using a sealer to fasten them securely. These bags are typically made from PVC or polyolefin shrink film and used to package items such as CDs, DVDs, books, soap, toys, printed stationary, jewellery, biscuits and snacks. Shrink Sleeves – Shrink sleeves are pre-cut printed tubes of shrink film that a slid over bottles and jars, mainly for advertising purposes and to provide information to consumers. This process is started by shrink film being cut down to size which is then printed ready to wrap around products. Most commonly this packing is seen on drink such as milk and Coca-Cola, with other items wrapped in this way including medicine bottles, cleaning supplies, double pack products and sweet jars. Shrink Bundling Film – Shrink bundling film is usually made from a single would polyethylene shrink film which comes off the roll flat. This type of shrink packaging is used to bundle multiple items together. Many items can be bundled together using shrink wrap, but some of the most common items include bottled goods and canned goods. Sometimes items wrapped in this way are often only wrapped during transportation to make items less likely to get lost or damaged. These are only a few of the popular shrink wrapping methods too – Other shrink packaging styles include shrink tubing, pallet wrapping and case taping. Determining the Most Suitable Shrink Wrap Options As it is clear to see shrink wrapping can come in handy when packaging the majority of products, therefore if you are a company offering products to consumers, no matter what the products may be, shrink wrapping could assist you in providing these products with extra protection and an extra marketing/branding avenue. If you are interested in shrink wrapping and are still unsure as to what the most relevant shrink wrapping type is for your business, you can call our team who will be more than happy to advise you further – 01274 872299.