Proven Benefits of Using Pallet Wrappers

At Sontex we often receive questions regarding pallet wrapping machines and their advantages, with people frequently wondering what benefits pallet wrappers actually offer over manual wrapping and why pallet wrapping machines have grown to become so popular around the world. With this is mind today we are here to highlight just some of the amazing benefits that come along side investing in pallet wrapping machines, with the ultimate intention of allowing as many businesses as possible in the UK to make business machinery buying decisions that bring positive results. 5 Benefits of Pallet Wrapping Machinery To determine the benefits of pallet wrapping using machinery as opposed to by hand, we have spoken with a number of companies that have recently invested in pallet wrapping machinery to learn the positive effects that it has had on their businesses. The five most common benefits of pallet wrapping machinery are as follows: Wraps pallets faster – Pallet wrapping machines allow for pallets to be securely wrapped up to 70% faster than when wrapped by hand. Saves money and reduces waste – Using pallet-wrapping machines to wrap pallets can actually allow businesses to save money as it means that less shrink-wrap film is wasted, and also that less labour is required. Improves load containment – Pallet wrapping machines wrap pallets far more securely than it is possible to do so by hand. Improves health and safety – Health and safety implications caused by employees bending down and occasionally burning themselves when pallet wrapping manually are removed when pallet wrapping machinery is bought. Sontex – Here to Help Here at Sontex we really do know everything that there is to know about pallet wrapping machinery, and are on hand to answer any questions that anyone may have. Whether you are simply looking to learn more about pallet wrapping or you would like advice and guidance as to what the most suitable pallet-wrapping machine is for your business, get in touch today! Alternatively, you can view our palter wrappers here: