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Audion Contimed Rotary Medical Sealers

Contimed D666

  • Rotary medical sealers for sealing and coding sterile pouches made from Tyvec, paper/polypropylene and foil laminates to ISO11607
  • LCD display for parameter settings and programming with energy saving standby function – machine starts via an optical sensor.
  • Digital temperature control, seal temperature range 50oC – 210oC, with automatic infeed block if temperature varies over +/-5oC.
  • Self adjusting pressure wheels adapt to pouch thickness, 12mm (15mm on MPCV) with multi line seal wheels, operates at 10m/min.
  • Internal 9 dot matrix printer for production date, expiry period, time, operator names, batch numbers, counter and symbols to EN980 standard. (Not included on MD).
  • MPCV models can be fully calibrated for temperature, seal pressure and speed for use in a validatable process
  • MPVC models equipped with automatic bag infeed block for temperature, speed and seal pressure variation.


  • Stainless steel support tables and roller conveyors
  • Bar code scanner and PC software (MPCV models only)
  • Label printer with bar code capability (MPCV models only)

MagVac Medical Vacuum Sealer




MV MED Sealing



  • 520mm, 720mm and 1020mm Validated bag sealing. 8mm weld width
  • Validation of seal time, seal temperature and seal pressure
  • Multi cycle gas flush for modified atmosphere packing
  • Both jaws heated for sealing laminates and thick pouches
  • 9 programs to store all settings for different bags
  • Very user friendly digital control
  • Pneumatic operation for very strong sealing and long term reliable operation
  • Self contained vacuum pump
  • Designed for clean room operation. Medical vacuum sealer video
  • Also available as non vacuum IST Medical Sealer


  • Horizontal or vertical operation with the optional floor stand
  • Bag stretch unit to maintain a crease free seal for large bags or tall products. Magvac medical bag stretch option video
  • Bag support
  • External vent
  • Calibration certificate
  • Data upload

Model MV520 MED MV720 MED MV1020 MED
Sealing Jaw Width 520mm 720mm 1020mm
Element Width 8mm 8mm 8mm
Power Requirement 230V Single Phase 50/60Hz 230V Single Phase 50/60Hz 230V Single Phase 50/60Hz
Pneumatic Requirement 6 – 8 Bar 6 – 8 Bar 6 – 8 Bar

Star Medical Sealer


Medical Jaw Sealer

  • Developed specifically for the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries where accurate control of weld quality is required for validation
  • PLC controller continually accurately measures the sealing jaw temperature compensating for any deviation from the set temperature.
  • Seal time is measured to the tenth of a second along with the pneumatic pressure.
  • One or both jaws heated with separate temperature settings
  • Pneumatic operation to give consistent seal pressure
  • Full calibration and validation available
  • Multi level password protection of settings
  • 10 pre-set parameters with alphanumeric description
  • Batch counter
  • Cycle data stored for uploading onto spreadsheet
  • Suitable for use in a clean room
  • Seals a wide range of thermoplastic films/laminates including Tyvec


  • Automatic flying knife-cutting system
  • Optional constantly heated sealing jaws
  • Twin parallel welds
  • Water cooled sealing jaws

Model MS400 MS600 MS800
Sealing Jaw Width 400mm 600mm 800mm
Element Width 9.5mm 9.5mm 9.5mm
Cutter Option Flying Knife Flying Knife Flying Knife
Power Requirement Single Phase 13A Single Phase 13A Single Phase 13A
Pneumatic Requirement 6 – 8 Bar 6 – 8 Bar 6 – 8 Bar