Heat Shrink Tunnels Explained

  Heat shrink tunnels are amongst the most popular types of machinery used to package products, typically mounted over or around conveyor systems’. Products being packaged in this way are provided with a loose surrounding of shrink film, which is then shrunk to fit snugly around the wrapped object using the shrink tunnel.   There are many different styles of shrink tunnel machinery available, each designed with specific applications in mind. The common denominator in all heat tunnels is that they produce heat and have a continuous feed running through them. The three most popular types of shrink tunnel are steam shrink tunnels, infrared shrink tunnels and recirculating shrink tunnels.   There are many benefits of packaging products using a shrink tunnel. Including but not limited to:
  • Supreme durability – Shrink tunnels can provide products with highly durable packaging, providing products with superior protection whilst ensuring that the packaging stays in the best state right up to reaching the customers
  • Ultimate protection – Shrink wrapping and packaging using shrink tunnels give products protection from external elements including dust, dirt and moisture
  • Space saving – Shrink tunnels take up little space and are very small in comparison to some of the other packaging machinery options available
  • Suitability – Shrink tunnels can be used to package products of all shapes and sizes, suitable and convenient for a wide range of industries
  • Cost saving – Shrink tunnels are very affordable and can even allow businesses to save money through workers spending less of their time packaging by hand


Here to Help

Here at Sontex we aim to cater for all shrink tunnel needs and requirements, offering one of the industry’s most-impressive and high-quality collections of shrink tunnels and L sealers. Some of the most popular shrink tunnels available from Sontex include AUDIONPACK L500SA L-sealers, TE-MATIC Shrink Tunnels and the Semi-Automatic Expert 5040EV Shrink Wrapper. Not only this, but we are also home to an incredibly friendly and knowledgeable team, who are able to advise and guide customers into making the most appropriate decisions. Anyone with any questions about shrink tunnels, or simply looking for more information should contact our team right away.